Photo and Videoproductions

photo and videoproductions

In the year 2000 at the opening of the first Bikepark in Germany, Geißkopf, I made my first contact with a photographer to make some pictures for the Bikepark. We also produced a video for the bikepark which was supported by BMW. That was the reason why the video came out big and was broadcasted in Eurosport television. That was such a huge thing for me and made me want to work more in this direction.

The next big step was three years later when the magazin ,Trekkingbike‘ was taking me as a photo-rider and I was able to make it to the Cover Page. Because I felt more as a real mountainbiker I urgently wanted to improve in this direction. A catalogue shooting for the ,Bike Holidays Hotels‘ and photoshoots for the ,BIKE‘ Magazines were coming up and I finally made it to the Cover Page of the ,BIKE‘ aswell. On year back in time at the Lake Garda Festival I have been at the right place in the right time and from there on I was able to work as a tester and at the same time photo rider. In the same year I took part in the ,Trailhunter‘ video at Lake Garda where people still ask me about it.

Followed by many Printed Pages, Interviews, Gallerys, Portraits meanwhile in magazines worldwide. I lerned to callculate the weather, know what´s needed for product, spot or aktion shoots or witch invrastructur is required to make it real.

I produced also many Videos like Ride Fair rules, Dream visions, Location GuidesHow to Life or just aktion.

All this make´s me to an recommend Organisator, Location Scout, Networker and Model.